Study Phase Purpose Process Timeline
Study 1 Give people with IDD a way to share their health needs with professionals Work with our researchers with IDD to fix health surveys to make them easier to understand

Test new health surveys with 50 adults with IDD to see if changing the surveys helped people with IDD report their health needs

Study 2 Find out how many adults with IDD also have mental health concerns Give health surveys to adults with IDD across 5 states

Continue testing surveys from Study 1 with adults with IDD from 5 states to see if they are working

Some people will also interview with a doctor. This will help us check if our surveys are giving us the right information about the health needs of people with IDD

Study 3 Create treatment guidelines for mental health professionals Look at current research on mental health treatment for people with IDD

Talk with people with IDD and mental health professionals to find out which factors of therapy are helpful

Use info to make guidelines for professionals to use when treating people with IDD