What is the Nisonger RRTC?

This is a 5-year research project looking at the health and function of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).

We are learning:

  1. How adults with ID/DD can speak up about their health.
  2. How many people with ID/DD also have mental health needs.
  3. How health affects the lives of people with ID/DD.
  4. How health professionals can listen to and treat their patients with ID/DD.
  5. How researchers can include people with ID/DD in health studies.

How will we do this?

Make health surveys easier to read and understand, so people with ID/DD can speak for themselves.

Write new guidelines for health professionals, like doctors and counselors, on how to listen to and treat patients with ID/DD.

Work together with disability experts & research experts to guide our work. 

The Disability Experience Expert Panel (DEEP) is made up of adults with ID/DD. They meet to talk about all activities of the center. DEEP members help the RRTC team make sure that our questions are accessible and user-friendly for adults with ID/DD and that we use the results to help adults with ID/DD in the best way.

The Research Experience Expert Panel (REEP) is a panel of people who do research and work at academic centers. REEP members help the RRTC team decide what are the right questions to ask in our studies and how we can make sure the right people get the information.

Project Staff

NIDILRR Mental Health
Collaborative Group

Additional Scientific