A photo of a group of people smiling in a conference room.

All RRTC members, including the REEP, DEEP, and Staff Members

On Friday, February 23rd, the Nisonger Center RRTC met at the 2024 Summit. Researchers and Disability Experience Expert Panel (DEEP) members from around the country met together in person to talk about the goals and values of their new 5-year project: Can You Hear US Now? Engaging Adults with IDD in Health Research.


Our group spent hours talking about important topics surrounding the health of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Core values such as inclusion, belonging, social justice, and accountability drove these discussions, leading to many action items for the future project.


These action items were put into movement at the Summit when the DEEP met with psychologists to evaluate and make changes to their upcoming psychotherapy intervention. This feedback helped customize a traditional group therapy method to better serve individuals with IDD.


For more information on this project and its many aims, visit this link for the Q&A Post