For Patients:

Communication Rights Toolkit with Printable Patient Accommodations Request Form: Click here

Health Goal Tracking Tool from Ohio-At-Home: Click here

Mental Wellness for People with Disabilities: Click here

Project STIR – Self-Advocacy Training Materials: Click here

Seeing the Doctor Script: Click here

The Empowered Patient (Video): Click here

When Do I Want or Need Support?: Click here

When Do I Want Support?: Click here


For Professionals: 

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health – Language Matters in Mental Health: Click here

Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (MHDD) National Training Center: Click here and here

Mental Health Wellness for Individuals with IDD – Online Training Modules: Click here

National Association for Persons with DD and Mental Health Needs (NADD) – Information on Dual Diagnosis: Click here

Shared Decision Making (Video): Click here